Neighbourhood Plan

The Corktown Neighbourhood Association (NA) Neighbourhood Action Plan is a framework to help guide and track the success of the activities, projects and initiatives led by or supported by the Corktown NA. The Plan is based entirely on findings and feedback we received from our first neighbourhood survey in 2016. The survey responses informed the creation of three broad categories, as well as the list of priorities we seek to accomplish. This community engagement also helped shape our Mission, Vision and Values statement, which was completed in 2017.

Below you will find our final Mission, Vision and Values, as well as the categories and priority statements. These broad categories are Engagement, Community Safety and Wellness, and Public Spaces, Public Art and Parks. The priorities listed under each category are items that we determined as necessary, actionable, and within the capabilities of a volunteer neighbourhood association. These priorities are also an invitation for residents to lead or get involved in neighbourhood projects. The Corktown NA seeks to partner with and support resident-led initiatives, as long as the proposed project aligns with our Mission, Vision and Values and our Code of Conduct.

The Implementation of the Plan involves closely working with key City of Hamilton departments, partners in surrounding neighbourhood associations, neighbourhood stakeholders, sponsors, the downtown BIA, and volunteers within the community. The Plan provides a framework that enables us to seek grants and other resources in order to complete priority projects.

The Executive will also use this document to track the progress and implementation of our projects and initiatives, with the commitment to share this data with the community at our Annual General Meeting. This project would not be possible without the support of the community to make these neighbourhood enhancements a reality.

Mission, Vision and Values

To engage residents in community stewardship, to foster a sense of community pride and to cultivate community connections.

To be a safe and inclusive community that empowers residents to effect positive change.


The Neighbourhood Action Plan


☘️ Resident engagement

☘️ Inter-neighbourhood engagement

☘️ Community Events

☘️ Support Community Businesses


Community Safety and Wellness

☘️ Wellness and Activities

☘️ Safe Streets

☘️ Community Safety


Public Spaces, Public Art and Parks

☘️ Public Spaces

☘️ Public Art and Signage

☘️ Parks